The Liberal Death Camp Elite

My last post which roped together a video from the Center for Medical Progress and refutations of some pro-murder arguments garnered a little discussion in other areas of social media (for which I am grateful). From those discussions I received some more argumentation from supporters of Murder Inc. and without further delay, here are some succinct responses.

Why are you complaining? Abortions are only 3% of Planned Barrenhood’s services.
The extermination of the Jews was only 3% of the activity of the Nazis too. This video is helpful to understand the deceitfulness of the 3% myth. Even if the 3% stat was true, could a murderer argue in court that the murder was actually only 3% of his time because he had to drive to the location, get his tools, sneak into the house, walk up the stairs, carry the body to his truck, dispose of the body (after selling the organs for research mind you), wash his hands, and have dinner? 

Is it better to have babies born to parents who don’t want them or can’t afford them and possibly subject them to a lifetime of suffering or to end their suffering before it occurs?
The issue here is sin. It is a sin to murder, it is not a sin to be celibate, so don’t have sex if you don’t want children. Also, the value of life is not based on the future events no one can foresee. If the quality of life argument is followed out to its logical end, we must also put to death anyone with a disability because they are “suffering” and they are a “burden” to someone. We must kill the infirm and the aged as well. Their quality of life is not up to standard. Wait, who sets that standard? As someone pointed out, I should be put to death because I have to wear glasses, my quality of life is not as good as someone else.

This would also wreak havoc on international politics. Would we force abortions in the developing world because we don’t want their children to grow up without the quality of life we have in America?

This rabbit hole, if you follow it, leads to a whole new level of elitism that the liberals are always screeching about. The liberal death camp elite, that name just has a flow to it, and here is their motto: “Freedom for all and death for everyone else.”

Why are you more interested in saving the lives of the unborn than you are about people dying in war right now?
Murder is always wrong. War is sometimes wrong. There is a thing as justified war, there is no such thing as justified murder. We do have permission to kill in self-defense and other scenarios defined by Scripture, but murder is murder.

We are against murder and we are against unjustifiable war.

In what reality is it logical to say that an unborn child’s life is more important than the lives of those already living?
This is assuming that the life in the womb is not living. The life in the womb is living, that is why we both just said, “life” in reference to it. Traveling down a birth canal does not give someone more value than someone who has not made that voyage. A person is a person no matter where they are located.

The issue is not about potential value, or foreseeable value in the future. The issue is that each person, in the womb and out of the womb, bears the image of God and we have no right, or warrant, to dispose of either as mere tissue, or to sacrifice them on the altar of convenience. Life is valuable because God makes it, it is not valuable when it reaches your standards and life is not something to be thrown in the medical waste bin when it fails to meet your standards.

Well, we just have a different understanding of when life begins.
You are right, we do. Mine is not arbitrary, however. Life begins at conception and it always has. The life created at conception has just as much value as a life growing outside the womb. The only difference is that an adult is mature life, and the child at conception is an immature life. That was you when you were conceived, and now you are just a bigger you. If maturity were the determining standard for value, then America is up a creek full of worthless.

But what about…?
Stop deflecting and address the real issue. The issue is not about adoption, economics, standard of living, or international war, the issue is murder. Murder taking place by medical practitioners in your city. Murder by moms and dads. America is murdering children. Did you catch that? Children are being murdered. And you want to turn your head away and not look at it? Well, you need to look. You need to look real good. Then you need to repent and confess your sins to Jesus and live according to His Word.


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