The God Of Peace At War

A snippet of an Advent sermon concerning Genesis 3:15 and Romans 16:20.

Mary, is the last of the barren women whose miracle Seed will save the world. Genesis 3:15How does this fit in with what Paul says in Romans 16:20?

Well, here are some questions: What would it take to defeat a dragon? What would it take to overcome the Great Accuser? What would be needed to win the great battle of history? The only thing that is able to overcome the Devil, is God Himself.

“All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had spoken by the prophet, ‘Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and they shall call His Name Emmanuel.’ (which means, God with us.)” Matthew 1:22-23.

What would it take to secure victory, but God in our midst?

And here is where this theology meets the road, “Since therefore the children share in flesh and blood, He Himself likewise partook of the same things, that through death He might destroy the one who has power of death, that is, the devil” Hebrews 2:14.

Jesus partook of flesh and blood, was born in time, in history, born of a woman, to overcome the Devil. To banish the Accuser from the courtroom of heaven. To demolish the Dragon’s armies and to route his forces, to set captives free.

Jesus was born of a woman, Hebrews says, to destroy the one who has the power of death. How did Jesus do this?

Through death.

Jesus was born to die, so that He might destroy death and the Devil who has power over death.

Jesus was born–life surging through Him–for the purpose of overcoming the Devil by dying.

God’s checkmate against all His enemies is a baby, born of a faithful mother with praises on her lips.

And Paul says, “The God of Peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.”

Follow me on this. There are many metaphors for the church in the Bible and they are all true. One of those metaphors is that the church is a woman. The church is feminine. The right kind of feminine. The church is the kind of woman that bears seed fit for battle. The church is the kind of woman that has the songs of God on her lips. The church is the kind of woman with her foot on the neck of the Serpent.

Paul says in Galatians that the church is the New Jerusalem, the mother of us all, Galatians 4:26. The church is the mother of us all. She is the faithful woman singing praises to God as her children wage the war that the Son has decisively won.

Christ came to destroy the works and power of the Devil. He has driven the tent stake through the head of the Serpent. He has crushed the skull of the Devil with a millstone. And the church sings praises, sings the Word of God, in the wake of Christ’s victory.

“The God of Peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.”

This has many applications, but I want to draw on three.


  • The church’s warfare is worship.


When we briefly looked at the women in Scripture and the songs they sing, they do so after the promise of God is fulfilled. Miriam sings after Pharaoh is destroyed and the people are liberated. Deborah sings after Jael crushes Sisera’s head. Hannah sings after God promises to send a deliverer through her. Mary sings after the Holy Spirit conceives a child within her.

The church responds to the victory of God in history with song. God’s Word has come to us: here bound in 66 books, here on this Table in bread and wine, here sprinkled on foreheads in the waters of baptism, and the Word of God came down to us in the Incarnation, and the mother us all, the church, responds with singing triumphantly.  

God gives us His Word, gives us the victory, and we sing. Our foot, the foot of the church, stands with Jesus with our heels digging into the nape of the neck of the Dragon, and with our feet firmly planted we sing.

One of Satan’s strongest allies in our day is not the Philistines, it is not the Herodians, or the Romans, or an army of demons in the spirit realm. Satan’s greatest ally, in our day, in our slice of western American history, is Planned Parenthood, the organization of death.

They promote and commit the very thing that Christ came to overcome. They tell our nation that the best thing a mother can do is murder. The best choice for you, moms, is to put to your children to death.

You see how contrary that is to the Bible!?

And Christ has conquered death. Christ has crushed the Devil. And here we stand, as a church, with our foot on the neck of Planned Parenthood singing God’s war songs over its writhing body. If only the church in America would believe this. If the church, if she would but believe this across the nation, Planned Parenthood would be shut down in three days.

The doctors of death and “patients” would turn from their wicked ways and repent and receive forgiveness and turn to the Sun of Righteousness with healing in His wings.

Worship is our warfare. The sword we wield is the Sword of the Word and it strikes out from our mouths to slay and resurrect. Keep singing church, keep singing God’s Word.

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