Go Ahead, Make The Commitment

A new year means another attempt at choosing a Bible reading plan and sticking to it. There are good electronic ways to do this, like on your smart phone with the YouVersion Bible app. However, some of us like to be able to print the plan and mark off the days, because there is something satisfying about seeing your progress. So, here are some links to various Bible reading plans:

Biblegateway offers the ability to have your daily readings emailed to you, along with devotionals from C.S. Lewis.

Ligonier has a smattering of Bible reading plans. Take your time, read what each one offers, and choose the one that challenges you.

If you want to read at your own pace, but would like a way to keep track of your reading, print this.

If you would like to keep on track with your family, the Robert Murray M’Cheyne reading plan is wonderful. Two chapters for personal reading, and two chapters for family worship.

If you want to bust your chops, and grow greatly, dive into Grant Horner’s reading plan, which covers 10 chapters a day, one chapter from ten different books in the Bible.

And something I am very excited about is a Kids Bible Reading Plan for the whole Bible. The website is coming soon, keep on the lookout!

And for a thorough treatment of Bible Reading, check out Justin Taylor’s blog.

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