A Prayer To End Abortion

Today is the first day for the 40 Days for Life campaign here in Helena and last night we had the kickoff event at our church. I was asked to open with a word of prayer and perhaps this prayer will be helpful for those who do not know what to pray concerning the murder of babies. What Christians need to pray for is the end of abortion.

Before praying I read Psalm 5.

Almighty God, Lord of all, we come before You in prayer beseeching You to act as You have promised in Your Word. We ask You to establish the righteous and destroy the wicked. We know that judgment begins in the House of God. And so we ask that You bring our churches to repentance, Father, for not loving what You love and for not hating what You hate. You hate those who shed innocent blood, and Your church seems not to care about the millions of innocent children sacrificed to the god of convenience.

Heal our hardened hearts and cause the ministers of the Body of Christ to take hold of their office and become men of righteousness who hate sin and call the world to repentance under the reign of Christ our King. Turn the members of Your Son’s body to love Him and to love life for He is the Author of it. Help us to be done with the wickedness of indifference and the false notion of neutrality. Your Son is King and all people in all lands must humble themselves under His rule and live according to Your Word.

We pray against the unbelieving culture in our nation. We know that if You do not bring an end to Planned Parenthood we will get the judgment we deserve as a nation that has turned its back to You and ran in the opposite direction toward the cliff of our own demise. Father, we do not deserve Your grace, but we plead through the blood of Jesus that You would give us what we do not deserve. Bring this nation to its knees that it might look to You for salvation. Stop the lunacy of our leaders that surrounds us and put an end to the chaotic subjective moralism that we are being led into. Give our president nightmares like You gave to Pharaoh, and to Nebuchadnezzar, and to Pilate’s wife. Strike fear into President Obama’s heart and turn him to Your church for wisdom and understanding and salvation.

Bless David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress for their work exposing the evils of Planned Parenthood and the sale of the body parts of their murder victims. Protect David Daleiden and his compatriots as they fight the good fight and seek to preserve life by tearing down Moloch.

We pray Father that You would raze Planned Parenthood to the ground because You hate evildoers and all those that despise You, You despise. Bring Planned Parenthood down in a heap of rubble and grant repentance to murderous doctors, nurses, and parents that they might be washed of their sins by the blood of Your Son.

And save the babies Lord. Just like with Pharaoh’s decree to throw the babies in the Nile River and Herod’s command to slaughter the children in Bethlehem, we ask that You would intervene time and time again to save the children that would be brought to the operating table, the altar of a bloodthirsty god.

Empower our churches to be united despite our differences and grant us what we ask in these 40 Days for Life, Father. Be in our midst this evening working in us according to Your Holy Spirit. Enlighten our hearts and minds to the truth of Your Word and the power of prayer and worship. Tear down strongholds as we sing and pray. Build up Your church that we might be the Body of Christ, our King, on earth.

We pray all of these things in the powerful Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


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