Wilbur (The Gospel Pig) And A Defeated Dragon

Just a note for anyone squeamish: there are pictures of a delicious pig carcass.

One of the things we would like to do as Christians at Emmanuel Chapel is make Easter as important as Christmas. The Resurrection of Jesus is every bit as important as the Incarnation of Jesus. In the Incarnation Light came into the world and in the Resurrection Light has overcome. And so this year we gave it a whirl.

We preempted our Easter celebration with a little get together on Saturday. A blazing fire, a big hole in the ground, at least five crockpots of chili, children running amok, and Psalm singing. It was  a good evening. We also prepared Wilbur, our Gospel Pig.

Once Wilbur was wrapped in foil, wet sackcloth, and chicken wire, we buried him in a hole filled with coals and covered him with dirt, a tomb.

Sunday morning we had our Easter service, in which we proclaimed the glories of the new creation, and afterward we had an Easter feast accompanied by Wilbur.

After we had our meal, one of our deacons taught the children that Jesus, through His death and resurrection, defeated the Dragon, the Devil. Jesus crushed his head and plundered his lair. Jesus took back the treasure that was rightfully His, namely, us, His church.

And so, to commemorate that, we sent the children out with a claymore (think William Wallace) to hunt the dragon, to find its lair, to slay the beast, and reclaim the treasure. They did a wonderful job!

Not everything turned out as well as we had hoped, Wilbur wasn’t quite ready to be consumed, but we worshiped God, praised Him for our Risen Lord, celebrated the defeat of the Dragon and the sting of death, rejoiced in the forgiveness of sins, and had our selves a hootin’ good time. Next year will be even better and perhaps one of these Easters we will even outdo Christmas.

Soli Deo Gloria



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