Keith Darrell: Shattering Hearts of Stone

This weekend we had the opportunity to host campus preacher, Keith Darrell, from Whitefield Fellowship. I am here to point you toward him and what he does, so that you may support him with prayers and finances. This is an endorsement, not an advertisement, but if you feel so inclined to donate to Whitefield Fellowship, by all means be generous.

KeithDarrellKeith is a traveling preacher driving from state to state preaching the Good News of the Lordship of Jesus Christ on our nation’s university campuses. This sort of life, as you would expect, is demanding and aside from the schedule he plans (which usually changes), he never knows what is going to happen. Sometimes he may be handed a cease and desist order from the local police, or even end up in handcuffs for saying “Jesus is Lord.” Other times he spends a week meeting with folks who are challenged and convicted by his words. Yet other times he is physically assaulted by those angry feminists who think his beard is symbol of oppressive patriarchy. Oh, and this one time someone try to cast demons into him. What I am trying to say is that his ministry is reminiscent of Paul in Athens (I bet these two will share some interesting stories in glory).


Paul walks in the marketplace of ideas, the Aeropagus, and proclaims foolishness: Jesus has risen from dead, bow your knees (Acts 17:22-34). Keith walks into the market place of ideas, sets up his chair, water bottle (which always seem to be stolen), and his Bible and begins to preach. This sort of preaching is difficult as the hearts of people in our nation are consistently hardening themselves to the grace of God. This sort of preaching, necessary as it is, brings along with it hostility because people love their sins. Keith walks into the midst of lions every week, and reasons from the Word of God, unashamed. He is the kind of minister the church needs to support, the kind of evangelist our culture needs wielding the Word of God like a hammer shattering hearts of stone.

Support him. Pray for him. Keep up with him on Facebook and remind him, and all evangelists, of God’s promises (Matthew 5:10-12).

Below you can watch a three minute video from his website, and you can hop over to Emmanuel Chapel‘s website to listen to his sermon on 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5.


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  2. Concerned Christian · · Reply

    Kieth has often come to my university, the University of Idaho, and incited little but hateful arguments and crass insults. When asked about specific bible verses, and to compare them to other translations or interpretations to better understand the meaning of any one translation, he resorted to calling the science of translation as “a semantic tool of liberals”. When anyone with legitimate knowledge of the Bible asked him any sort of question, he immediately would say that, “these are what I’m here to fight against; those who think they know the truth when there is no truth but the Bible.” Now, obviously this is no way to answer legitimate questions, but what was more shocking was the fact that he would take time then afterwards to insult the individual who asked the question in a relentlessly cruel and ignorant manner. He accused people of having evil parents, he accused the entire audience of being rapists and sexual abusers, he told myself and others that he “could just tell” that we were abused as kids, and then proceeded to tell us that we had deserved it for turning away from the God that we must surely have known since birth. What’s more, his knowledge of the actual bible seems greatly lacking, as myself and other students were forced to ask him about claims he was making which were unsupported by the Biblical text. For example, he told a colleague of mine that because my colleague was formerly Christian and turned away, he could never receive repentance even if he returned to living life the way the Bible dictates. This is obviously not supported in the text, let alone an incredibly unprofessional, rude, and blatantly uneducated thing to say. If your intention within this organization is to spread God’s word, I suggest you either lean upon a stronger speaker, or simply redirect him to the text which he is supposedly preaching. What’s more, Keith had a long tangent about his own childhood traumas which he has actively suppressed which make me incredibly sad for him. There are an innumerable many Christians who understand that without coming to peace with the psychological battle within, one can never truly live the life of God though. Living as God tells you comes from pure love of God, not a twisted vengeance towards their abuser through God’s wrath, or using faith to validate self-denigrating thoughts and actions.

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