Popov Cherry Leather Field Notes Cover

It’s national notebook day, and I am a notebook kind of guy, so here is a review of a great notebook cover.

I usually carry one of these in my back pocket along with some notebooks in my backpack. The pocket notebook that I carry usually gets beat up fairly good, sometimes the covers even come off. At the same time I also carry a wallet. I had recently bought a new one, however this wallet kept breaking my cards, so I needed a new wallet.

I began to search for a wallet and notebook cover in one. This way I can keep my other back pocket open, just in case. After searching high and low, I came across Popov Leather and the remarkable items found in the store. I contacted the owner, and he graciously sent me the Cherry Leather Field Notes Cover with Pockets for review. And I need to say up front, this wallet was given to me, but that in no way skews my review. I mean, I already bought one as a gift for a friend because the products are that good.

This wallet is awesome. I find myself sitting in my chair at home doing nothing but smelling the Horween leather and feeling its wonderful texture. My wife rolls her eyes at me, but I can’t help it. The leather is great and the stitching is beyond compare. The wallet holds my business cards, Costco card, insurance card, two bank cards, my id, cash, and a Field Notes notebook while remaining nice and slim.

Another aspect of this fine product that I love is that the wallet simply gets more beautiful over time. I have had it for about three weeks now and the wear on the wallet adds to its appeal. The dye in the leather adjusts to pressure on the wallet and you get a neat effect.

Even if you are not a notebook guy, or girl, Popov Leather has many items for you to browse through. I have two items from Popov Leather, this notebook cover and a simple key chain and I enjoy them both very much. I will be visiting Popov again.


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