Brief Review: Thinking Biblically About Education

Thinking Biblically About Education is a pithy, and necessary, book.

The author, Zachary Garris, doesn’t hold back much in his critique of public (government) education. Garris wishes to tear down the pagan temples in our land and dash to pieces the Baals that Christians worship.

This book is a good introduction to the discussion of education in America, and a text that Christians need to read. Garris attempts to think about education through a biblical worldview and by doing so he comes to some harsh, but necessary conclusions. His main point, which is a vital one, is that in this world which God created and Christ redeemed there is no such thing as neutrality.

You will find in this book a brief history of education in America and what went wrong, as well as how to bring education back to a place which honors God.

Garris also takes a hammer to the false assumptions of many evangelic Christians that the government school system is harmless, the only option available, and a mission field of unbelievers. This little book will challenge your thinking, show you a better way (not easier), and push you to faithfulness as you think about educating your children.

Thinking Biblically About Education is well written with helpful footnotes and recommended resources for further helps to point you in the direction of faithful education. If you are a parent, or planning to be a parent and you have not made up your mind about education (government school, private school, or home school) this book will help get your feet wet. Go get it.

Disclaimer: Zach Garris is a friend of mine. However, this book was not given to me for free. 


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