Here, These Are For You

One of the great blessings from God is a little thing called technology. I can post a sermon on the internet out here in lil ‘ol Montana and Christian brothers and sisters in Russia can listen to it…whenever they want. Many Christians are taking advantage of technology and using electronic media to build up the church, so below is a list of resources that I use for my good, mainly podcasts (all of these I listen to through iTunes). Grab a few, or all, and listen in.

Jesus Changes Everything by R.C. Sproul Jr. is probably my favorite. Three 8 minute podcasts a week, can’t go wrong listening in.

The Briefing by Albert Mohler Jr. is a news podcast from a Christian perspective. I don’t always agree with Dr. Mohler’s analysis, but most of the time I do. This is a good daily resource to keep up on national and international events.

Apologia Radio is hosted by Pastor Jeff Durbin and some others from Apologia Church. It is a hoot, with a heavy dose of seriousness.

Christ Church is the weekly upload of Pastor Douglas Wilson’s sermons. Good stuff.

Matt Walsh’s podcast is an informative critique of our modern culture and political scene. Good, thought provoking commentary.

The Theopolis Podcast will really get your brain thinking. What a wonderful gift to the church.

CrossPolitic by some guys in Northern Idaho is a fun and informative radio show hitting politics with Gospel. Interesting dynamics with the hosts and guests.

There are more on my podcast lineup, but these are my weekly meals, the others are snacks. Dig in and enjoy!





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