So, What’s Been Up?

I have not been on writing on the blog as of late for a couple reasons. The first reason is my travel back and forth from Montana to Michigan. On September 30th my father died from an aggressive cancer and I had not been up to writing too much of anything. I am thankful to God that I got to be with him for a few hours of mental coherence before he slept into death.

Then, returning to Montana, to my wife and children, we began to prepare for the arrival of our third child, Ruby Joy. On October 19th Ruby was born and we welcomed her with great joy. Needless to say, but I am saying it anyway, we have been busy.

So, what can you expect of this blog in the near future? Well, I will be continuing to write. Stay tuned.

I also want to let you know of a collaborative blog effort that I have joined with some other churchmen (two other ministers and a traveling evangelist). We are starting up another blog (so you don’t just have to get my writing!) at The Parbar Collective. The site doesn’t quite have two legs yet, it is wobbling on one at the moment (you know, we’ve been busy). You can still check it out and subscribe, so when the first post is up you will be notified. Hopefully very soon.

Below you will see our precious gem, our little Ruby Roo (mama and baby are doing fine).

IMG_8293.JPG    IMG_8307.JPG


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