A Childish Nation

That’s us, right? Look at the buffoonery in politics. A bunch of kids fighting each other (rather depraved children I might add!). Look at the universities in our nation with comfort spaces and special areas for feelings. Look at those who seek self-definition. My four-year old son wore a cape and mask and declared he could fly. Now we have boys who can shave declaring they are women. A nation full of children with a government to coddle them. They won’t bake a cake for me! Make them do it, daddy!

“To credit the state with ability to minister to the general welfare, to govern for the general and total health of the people, is to assume an omnicompetent state, and to assume an all-competent state is to assume an incompetent people. The state then becomes a nursemaid to a citizenry whose basic character is childish and immature. The theory that law must have a positive function assumes thus that the people are essentially childish” R.J. Rushdoony, Institutes of Biblical Law, 102.

There really are only two options for government. Man’s law or God’s law. Oppression or liberty. Take your pick.


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