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Being Fruitful

In Genesis 1, it is not until Day Five that God gives the command for fruitfulness and multiplication. The command to be fruitful and to multiply is called a blessing. We should take note, that here before the Fall, God’s binding Word over His creation is a blessing! God gives this command to the fishes, […]

A Case For Mark 16:9-20

In most academic discussions the long-ending of Mark (Mark 16:9-20), as it is called, is rarely seen as a legitimate ending to the Gospel of Mark. I remember in seminary that this portion of Scripture was taken skeptically and many thought it should not be in the Bible. I was once skeptical as well. Having […]

Brief Review: Paradise Restored

So, I just read David Chilton’s Paradise Restored: A Biblical Theology of Dominion and I have to tell you I am kicking myself for not reading it earlier. In my Goodreads profile I simply wrote, “An excellent and necessary read,” and I refuse to redact that statement. But here I would like to make a couple […]

Go Ahead, Make The Commitment

A new year means another attempt at choosing a Bible reading plan and sticking to it. There are good electronic ways to do this, like on your smart phone with the YouVersion Bible app. However, some of us like to be able to print the plan and mark off the days, because there is something […]

Biblical Worldview

Watch this video, then go buy this book and this book. Your world will change.

God Wrote A Book

Here, listen to Pastor Piper.

All Sufficient

This Lord’s Day I am preaching on Bible reading, namely, its necessity. I am tempted to quote Article 7 from the Belgic Confession and sit down. Article 7: The Sufficiency of Scripture We believe that this Holy Scripture contains the will of God completely and that everything one must believe to be saved is sufficiently taught […]

The Word of Life

There is nothing more important in the world than the Word of God, and there is nothing more vital for the life of the church than a correct view of the Word of God. The Word of God gives life (Psalm 119:25). The Word of God guards us from sin (Psalm 119:9-11). The Word of […]

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

My son is two and half years old, which brings about all sorts of adventures and opportunities for sanctification. My son’s age, and my sincere, but often times incompetent, parenting allows for the grace and glory of God to be exhibited. Often, this is done with hilarity. For example. We began to teach our son […]