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A Christmas Fruitcake

So, let’s talk about Santa. He is a decent guy, but a little creepy. Aside from the creep-factor, let me explain some reasons why I don’t like the jolly fella, and some reasons why this rotund grandfather of the world doesn’t really matter. First, why I am not a fan. I am not a fan […]

God’s Graciousness

There is this enigmatic statement by Jesus that has confused Christians for a long time (like me), and I thought I had a decent answer to it (which I did), but then something comes along and the ol’ light bulb gets switched on. Ah! Lord, now I see. Well, without further ado, here is Jesus, […]


When we look at the pit we are in we often forget the blazing firebrand God has given into our wavering hands and commanded us to wield. A Christian does not need to squint his eyes to see the coming tsunami of moral corruption for the waters on the shore have already shifted. A nation […]

The Ten Words

Our pastor has just led us through the 10 Commandments (the Decalogue). He finished the sermon series yesterday and what a great journey! If you want to listen to his sermons click here. Our pastor has taught us, biblically, that the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20 are not forgotten and are not void. In fact, […]

Words With Histories

It has been on my radar for some time now that the English speaking church uses language that might be seen as arbitrary. There are a few words that have a history of being used for thousands of years, and we merely say them without an understanding of what they mean. For example, the next […]

Wednesdays With Our Fathers

The saint discussed below is not a “Church Father” in the sense that he spoke Greek, though he did as a secondary language, or was in line of apostolic succession, or was the bishop of a city or a high ranking leader in the church. Rather, this man was, and is, a heavy influence in […]

Wednesdays With Our Fathers

This Wednesday with Our Fathers revolves around the Fall. This is the point in history that mankind spiraled out of God’s presence into the wilderness and under His wrath. The first two chapters of Genesis are the prelude to the Fall, which occurs in Genesis 3. God told Adam in Chapter 2 that he and […]