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So, Christian, Now What?

Well, here is a little list: Give thanks to God. We should not have wanted a man like Trump to be president but we should also not have wanted a woman like Hillary even more. So, give thanks that it is not as bad as it could have been, but be humble enough to admit […]

The Will of God

I have had the honor and the privilege of working with a staff that enjoys to dig into the Word and see God. Sometimes, while we are digging and conversing about what we are reading, we are often baffled because our finite minds have a difficult time grasping the infinite God (Deuteronomy 29:29). One of […]

The Importance of Adoption

When we speak about adoption we often think of this on a horizontal level, through this or that adoption agency. What I would like to posit is that the Grand Story of Scripture, the story of redemption, is God creating His family. The purpose of redemption can be summed up in one word, adoption. This […]


The question has been brought to me a few times in the past months, and my answer has been the same. “Is it okay to be rebaptized?” and my answer is, “No.” But it is not just my answer. It is the answer of the Belgic Confession, the confession I took a vow to uphold as […]


The crowds of angry, mocking, Jews shout to Pilate for the release of a prisoner and the death of another (Matthew 21:15-23). On the one hand Pilate has in his custody a notorious criminal who had committed, at the very least, robbery (John 18:40), insurrection, and murder (Mark 15:7; Luke 23:18-19). As the Jews were […]

In the Hands of God

“You did not choose me, but I chose you…” John 15:16 “I am afraid that we come perilously close to blasphemy in our exaltation of the human will, setting it over and above (or at least on par with) the will of God. If our decision determines whether God or Satan wins the great battle […]

Reformed / Arminian

So, what’s the difference? “The difference between them is not primarily one of emphasis, but of content. One proclaims a God who saves; the other speaks of a God who enables man to save himself. One view presents the three great acts of the Holy Trinity for the recovering of lost mankind–election by the Father, […]