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Take ‘Em To School!

Here is another advertisement for a good man doing good work, oh how beautiful are his feet! Keith Darrell is a traveling evangelist preaching at university campuses all over America. I have written him up once before here, and now I am doing so again to encourage you to subscribe to his YouTube channel. Keith […]

Keith Darrell: Shattering Hearts of Stone

This weekend we had the opportunity to host campus preacher, Keith Darrell, from Whitefield Fellowship. I am here to point you toward him and what he does, so that you may support him with prayers and finances. This is an endorsement, not an advertisement, but if you feel so inclined to donate to Whitefield Fellowship, […]

A Pile Of Hope

In the midst of cultural upheaval, presidential nonsensical political bickering, and the draconian Islamic State, we have hope. A Light that shines in the darkness, the coming of King who will never be removed from His throne. The forgiveness of sins for those overturning society, for lying political candidates and cronies, and yes, even for […]

A Spoonful of Gospel Hope

I would like to offer a little perspective and hope on the church and the current cultural climate we live in by pulling out my Postmil card. So, here it goes. We are at holy war. Since Genesis 3, we are at war and we will remain at war until Christ comes back to defeat […]

Emperor of the Cosmos

Below is simply some ruminations on evangelism in a post-Christian culture. I am addressing and thinking about what evangelism is in 2015 only because of what it has become in the last few decades. Biblically, evangelism hasn’t changed, but practically, through man’s inventions and faithlessness, evangelism has been side-lined for the sake of attraction and […]

The Church Is The Answer

I am preaching on John 13 at our Maundy Thursday service because Maundy Thursday is about the mandatum novum, the new commandment, from Christ in John 13:34. John 13:34 is huge, however the primary purpose Jesus gives for the giving of this command is in the following verse, “By this all men will know that you are […]

Gentiles, Beasts, Joppa

There are two places in the Bible where the city of Joppa shows up, and in case you have forgotten, the Holy Spirit does not do anything on accident. So, why would God have Joppa show up only twice? What’s going on there? The two places that Joppa appears are in the book of Jonah […]

Follow Him As He Follows Jesus

I am reminded of Paul’s exhortation to the Corinthians, “Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ.” Sometimes Christians are afraid to act because they don’t know what to do. When it comes to abortion mill ministry, Christians write a check (maybe) to the pregnancy resource center, but stand and call people to repentance?! Well, […]

Here It Comes Again

So, here it comes again, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. It breaks my heart that 50,000,000 babies, images of God, sons and daughters, people, have been murdered. It breaks my heart that this holocaust is occurring, and our culture and churches are numb to it. It happens in a sterile room, out of sight, […]

The Kingdom Come

I have continually compared what occurs in Acts 2, the outpouring of the Spirit giving languages to the disciples they did not know, to what occurs in Genesis 11, where everyone spoke in the same tongue and God confused their languages. I think this is a valid connection to make. God, through the Gospel of […]