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A Smattering of Goodies (September)

There are some good freebies out there for us this month, along with some insightful blog articles. Check them out. Ligonier is giving away the ebook, Welcome to a Reformed Church: A Guide for Pilgrims by Daniel Hyde. I have not read this book by Pastor Hyde, but I have read some other literature by him […]

A Book We Should Read

My theology professor from seminary just released another book, and this one looks to promise a lot in a small amount of space. Mike Wittmer writes his books with humor, wit, and an adept ability to bring lofty theological concepts to the level of you and I. I owe a lot of my mental formation […]

A Year Gone By

Yesterday was my son’s birthday (we went to the zoo, he likes giraffes). My wife and I were awake at the time of his birth, 12:04am, driving from Michigan to Wisconsin, with our little bear in the backseat sleeping. This obviously left room for reflection on the year that has gone by too fast. Our […]

My Hope

Remember when I had not blogged for a month or two, and I had a “catch-up” blog about everything that has happened? Well, that will happen again…because a lot has happened in a short amount of time. This is not that blog post however. I watched a video today that reminded me of a good […]

Kill The Bunny Because The Serpent Is Already Defeated

Satan has slithered in to Easter and the majority of Christians have lost the meaning of the empty tomb. This is how I ended my previous blog post. This follow-up post will continue in the same vein, but with a different purpose. Rather than continuing to tear down what secular Easter has built up in […]

Just For Funsies

My pastor’s wife posted this on Facebook and I decided it needed to be shared even more. It is pretty great, take 9 minutes and enjoy the hearts of children and some good music. I am not sure how they made a song out of everything the kids said, but it turned out great. Also, if […]