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Free Stuff Is Not Always Good Stuff, But This Is

I’m excited to bring you some free content from Emmanuel Chapel. We have been posting the Lord’s Day sermons, of course, and those are free and can be found, here. We have also begun to generate extra content for free, and so far we have put out two brief essays. The first essay concerns itself […]

A Smattering of Goodies (June)

Well, I have only come across a couple goodies but maybe more will show up. Logos has a commentary on Esther available as a free download. Go snatch it up. You may also want to purchase the matching commentary on John’s Epistles for $0.99. has a free download from John MacArthur on fatherhood, Being a Dad […]

A Smattering of Goodies (May)

A new month brings new goodies, and here are some that I have come across. is giving away for download Randy Singer’s historical fiction, The Advocate. I know close to nothing about this book, and I give you a word of caution when listening to it, it is historical fiction that takes place during the first […]

A Smattering of Goodies (April)

First, a couple freebies. Logos has a commentary on Isaiah for free this month by Brevard S. Childs and ChristianAudio has the book Tortured for Christ written by the founder of Voice of the Martyrs, Richard Wurmbrand. Now, to some goodies that aren’t free but inexpensive. Charles Spurgeon’s sermons on Exodus and Loraine Boettner’s The Reformed Doctrine of […]

A Smattering of Goodies (March)

This months free audiobook from is The Case for the Real Jesus.  Logos has a commentary on 1 Corinthians for free this month. I am not familiar with the author or the series in which this commentary comes. The series is the Augsburg Commentary Series, which means that this is a Lutheran commentary. If that […]

A Smattering of Goodies (February)

The first freebie is really great. ChristianAudio is giving away R.C. Sproul’s new book Everyone’s A Theologian as a free audio download. This book will greatly bless you and I highly recommend getting it in any format. The chapters are short, easy to understand, and edifying. Get this book. Be sure to check out some other titles […]

A Smattering of Goodies (January)

With the new year comes new goodies, and here are a few. Logos is continuing to give away a free book every month, so keep checking in. this month they are offering, The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges: Genesis. This volume is a verse-by-verse commentary from the Dean of Westminster, Herbert Edward Ryle. Christianaudio is […]