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Repentance Is Never Wrong

I thank God for the Ashley Madison hack. Right along with the Planned Barrenhood videos, this hack has exposed the dark heart of men and women and the reality that our sins are never committed in secret. Our sin will find us out. However, on this list of names from the Ashley Madison hack, I […]

Gasp! Pharisee! Legalist!

The primary means by which a Christian comes to know that he is saved, assurance of salvation, is through obedience. In my three years in the pastoral office, this is probably the most common question: How do I know that I am saved? The usual response that people get from the church is along these […]

An Open Letter To Holly O’Donnell

Dear Holly, This letter is for you, but it is also for all those men and women who have committed abortions and other abominable deeds against the image bearers of God. It is for the “nurses” and “doctors” and “researchers” that have forsaken their profession and have had their consciences seared by the commonality of […]

The Word of Life

There is nothing more important in the world than the Word of God, and there is nothing more vital for the life of the church than a correct view of the Word of God. The Word of God gives life (Psalm 119:25). The Word of God guards us from sin (Psalm 119:9-11). The Word of […]

Yeah…What He Said

“Since faith embraces Christ as He is offered by the Father, and He is offered not only for justification, for forgiveness of sins and peace, but also for sanctification, as the Fountain of living waters, it is certain that no man will ever know Him aright without at the same time receiving the sanctification of […]

A Question Of Good Works

On Sunday evening we gather to worship the Lord and learn His Word, and near the end of the service we have room for some questions if those in attendance have any. Last Sunday I finished teaching through Titus, and I drew attention to Paul’s seven-fold use of the word works in the letter. Good works […]