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Beginning and Besetting Sin

Looking at Genesis 3 we see the flow and function of sin being set for the course of human history. Before we look to the sin in Genesis 3, I would like to point out that even here, Satan is under God’s rule. He is made by God (3:1) and God has authority and power […]


This is the last post in a brief series looking at millennial views in End-times theology. The other posts are End-Times Discussion, Premillennialism, and Postmillennialism. Amillennialism is the predominant Reformed view, but not the only Reformed view, see Postmillennialism. Those who hold to the Amil position usually interpret Revelation with an idealist framework, rather than […]


It may be beneficial to read my two previous posts (here and here) on certain end-times views. This may help you understand the reference and terminology a little better. This post will be dedicated to the Postmillennial view of eschatology (fancy word for the study of the End). This view, historically, has been the least […]


Well, sorry it has taken so long to do a follow-up post. Who knew life was this busy? The discussion in the posts to come will reside in the realm of the Second Coming of Christ. In a previous post I brought up the issues of popular media influencing our understanding of what the Bible […]

End-Times Discussion

It is not uncommon for Christians to be confused about the end-times. I have studied the Bible and read a few books on the end-times (not the Left Behind series!) and I have to admit, it is still confusing. The other day someone from church asked me whether or not unbelievers would be able to repent […]

Some Thoughts On Finding a Church

I have been thinking about what a church ought to look like, and there has been much ink spilled on this topic, so I intend only to make some general remarks. At the end of this blog you will find some recommended books. First, a church must promote and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. […]

Fire On Earth

Luke is a lovely book. If I were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one book of the Bible with me, it might be Luke. In Chapter 12 we found a rather apocalyptic, sober, meaningful, relevant, treatment of Christ’s teachings for Christians today. We have the promise that nothing hidden will remain unknown […]