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Not My Jesus!

I preached on Sunday and I was drawing a parallel between the time of the Judges and the church in post-Christian America. I made the comment that America at large is hostile to the Word of God, and for an experiment I offered this suggestion: Go home and put Leviticus 18:22 on Face Book and […]

Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament

“The true meaning of Scripture is the natural and obvious meaning; and let us embrace and abide by it resolutely. Let us not only neglect as doubtful, but boldly set aside as deadly corruptions, those pretended expositions, which lead us astray from the natural meaning.”  — John Calvin This is the third installment (you can […]

A Year Gone By

Yesterday was my son’s birthday (we went to the zoo, he likes giraffes). My wife and I were awake at the time of his birth, 12:04am, driving from Michigan to Wisconsin, with our little bear in the backseat sleeping. This obviously left room for reflection on the year that has gone by too fast. Our […]

How Jesus Says To Read The Old Testament

Roughly 75% of the Bible is the Old Testament and the remaining 25% is the New Testament. This is an interesting fact considering how much time the average Christian spends in the New Testament over the Old Testament. There are, of course, reasons for this: The Old Testament is hard to understand at times. It […]

Everyone Should Watch This

This video is just shy of 26 minutes, so make sure you can set aside some time. It is a very important interview, because these two men introduce viewers to an accurate way to read Scripture while dispelling common misconceptions about the Bible. For example, John 3:16, the most popular verse in the Bible, is very […]