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Lesser Of Two Evils Nonsense

Christians cannot vote for any Democratic candidate, or any candidate from any party, that supports the abortion of infants. Christians must steadfastly reject any candidate that wants to take taxpayer dollars to spill the blood of children. This is evil, and because abortion is such an evil,  Christians cannot vote for anyone who supports it. […]

Why Is The Church So Weak?

I am poking at the church in the West when I ask that question (the church that I am firmly planted within). Why can the church seem to do very little against the rising tide of moral gobbledygook and murderous insanity? It seems that that mythic box of Pandora has been opened. You know, a […]

How Jesus Cleansed The World

In my last post I made the audacious claim that Christians are required to obey the Law of God. Part of my argument was bolstered by James remark, “You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone” (James 2:24). Which many may claim contradicts other New Testament writers like Paul. […]

A Firm Resignation

When it comes to a despot authority, Christians are called to resist, not give in. Christians are called to battle, not cower. Christians are called to put an end to evil, not take a side-step and let evil roll over the next person in line. No, Christians take the hit from evil on the chin, […]

The Law and the Christian

I am continuing to teach on God and human sexuality on Sunday morning and we have been covering various topics. Coming up soon is the relation between God’s Law and the Christian. Many will say that the Law of God does not apply, and therefore its prohibition against homosexuals is no longer valid, after all […]

Did He Just Say That? Fsh.

How would you respond if I said this, “A man is justified by works and not by faith alone”? Well, if you are Reformed in any sense when it comes to salvation, this might get your soteriological bones a little jittery. Say what?! But look here, I didn’t say it. The Holy Spirit did, James […]

Grace Working On Grace

Grace and works seems to be a difficult discussion. The church I was brought up in held to a distinction between God’s grace and His commandments, as if He were divided somehow. This topic is, of course, multifaceted, and I hope I can clearly present one of those facets here. To tip my hand, grace […]