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Christians Must Cultivate Intellect

It is certainly sad when a Christian says, “I don’t read. I don’t know the Bible well, but I know God and that’s what matters.” Really? What god do you know then? If you want to know the God of the Bible, then you have to read the Word that He has given. If not, […]

A Biblical Understanding of Worship

Ethan is the Director of Worship Arts and Music at Peace Reformed Church, and here is what he has to say about worship and the Christian life. Have you ever thought about how we learn new words?  The process is a truly beautiful testament to how we have been wired to absorb information.  For example, […]

Eldership Wisdom

I came across a fourteen minute video this morning and I thought it would be a good video to share. I know that not everyone who visits this blog are elders in the church, nor are they pastors, but I do hope that you are in a church and have confessed membership of a local […]

Be Humbled.

If you need to, listen daily.

A Little Warmth From Calvinism On A Cold Day

One of the complaints against conservative theology, or Calvinism in general, is that there seems to be a lack of heart. Calvinism seems to be all head knowledge without pastoral care. There are, of course, Calvinists who are entirely bound up with the knowledge of biblical theology who do not allow that theology to rundown […]

The Need For A Sovereign God

I have been pondering the implications of God’s sovereignty, or the loss of it, rather. It is a rather unpopular notion that God is in control of all things, and by all things, I mean all of them. God sustains every particle of existence by His will; He is in control of the events of […]

Some Thoughts On Finding a Church

I have been thinking about what a church ought to look like, and there has been much ink spilled on this topic, so I intend only to make some general remarks. At the end of this blog you will find some recommended books. First, a church must promote and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. […]