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Pentecost Snippets Part 1

We just celebrated Pentecost Sunday, the day we recognize the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the church. This account is given for us in Acts 2, and over the next few posts I would like to have a few snippets of biblical theology lacing the Scriptures together. This will be easier to read this […]

Sin Here, Sin There, Sin All Around

Genesis really is the foundation of the world and the revelation from God in the remaining 65 books of the Bible. Here is a little bit that you can have fun with as you are reading through God’s Word and living in His world. In the beginning, God made the world, then in that world […]

Samuel, Solomon, Jesus, Paul

I am a fan of connecting the Bible with the Bible. It gets me all sorts of excited when the threads of Scripture are woven to show a glorious picture that spans millenia. Before we get to that connection today, I ought to remind us all that the whole Bible is a tapestry of Christ; […]

Jonah, Jesus, Paul

I have made mention that in our evening service we are working our way through the book of Jonah, and I have posted one particular interesting bit concerning the city of Joppa. This coming Lord’s Day we will be finishing Jonah with the preaching of chapter 4, and I would like to present another interesting […]

A Stab At 666

Eschatology fascinates the church. People love to hear about the book of Revelation (although many do not read it very carefully and I was one of them!). Popular books, television shows, and film incorporate many aspects of biblical theology concerning the Judgment to come at the hands of Jesus Christ, and all of these venues […]

Gentiles, Beasts, Joppa

There are two places in the Bible where the city of Joppa shows up, and in case you have forgotten, the Holy Spirit does not do anything on accident. So, why would God have Joppa show up only twice? What’s going on there? The two places that Joppa appears are in the book of Jonah […]

John Calvin, Jonah, And The Shield Of Faith

In our evening service I am preaching through Jonah, and this coming Lord’s Day we will look at Jonah 2. In my studies and preparation for this sermon, I have been reading John Calvin’s lectures (which you can obtain digitally for a meager price here). There is much gold in what Calvin has written, but […]