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Psalms As Song…For Real

When you think about it, we all know that the Psalms are songs, but for some reason the church (Protestant Evangelical) has decided in recent history not to sing them, which is a historical oddity, and a tragedy. Well, here is The Corner Room, and they have produced an album of the Psalms, not paraphrases […]

Worship Is Supposed To Be Hard

I was once a minister in a mainline denomination. While there, I served nearly three years and had led worship services in the assumed evangelical manner. You know, two or three songs, sermon, offering, closing song and a benediction. The service usually lasted 45 minutes to an hour. This was easy worship, and it was […]

Bellowing Praise

When we gather ourselves together in the worship of the Lord, we are, by the power of the Holy Spirit and by our faith, lifted into the heavenlies before the throne of God. Every Lord’s Day, we are in heaven before God’s throne, and it is very important what we do there. We notice in […]