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Lungs Full Of Praise

This Lord’s Day I preached on Psalm 8, and I would like to share just a bit of that here. So, read this, O Yahweh, our Lord,     how majestic is Your Name in all the earth! You have set Your glory above the heavens. 2     Out of the mouth of babies and infants, You have established […]

A Spoonful of Gospel Hope

I would like to offer a little perspective and hope on the church and the current cultural climate we live in by pulling out my Postmil card. So, here it goes. We are at holy war. Since Genesis 3, we are at war and we will remain at war until Christ comes back to defeat […]

Jesus Christ, Dragonslayer

My son is two and a half and he is beginning to associate scary things with fear. On occasion he will be playing with some cars on the kitchen floor, then, out of nowhere, he will shriek and run to his room yelling, “Monsters coming!” and then he will dive on his bed and hide […]

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

My son is two and half years old, which brings about all sorts of adventures and opportunities for sanctification. My son’s age, and my sincere, but often times incompetent, parenting allows for the grace and glory of God to be exhibited. Often, this is done with hilarity. For example. We began to teach our son […]

Beginning and Besetting Sin

Looking at Genesis 3 we see the flow and function of sin being set for the course of human history. Before we look to the sin in Genesis 3, I would like to point out that even here, Satan is under God’s rule. He is made by God (3:1) and God has authority and power […]

David and the Dragon

Last week I was working on sermon for 1 Samuel 17, the history of David and Goliath. After conferring with the Senior Pastor here, we figured out I was studying the wrong text, and I had to abandon that study for the study of 1 Samuel 15. No big deal, I am only 27 and […]

The Importance of Adoption

When we speak about adoption we often think of this on a horizontal level, through this or that adoption agency. What I would like to posit is that the Grand Story of Scripture, the story of redemption, is God creating His family. The purpose of redemption can be summed up in one word, adoption. This […]