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All Sufficient

This Lord’s Day I am preaching on Bible reading, namely, its necessity. I am tempted to quote Article 7 from the Belgic Confession and sit down. Article 7: The Sufficiency of Scripture We believe that this Holy Scripture contains the will of God completely and that everything one must believe to be saved is sufficiently taught […]

I Am Not Ashamed…Of This Sales Pitch

Coming this fall Reformation Heritage Books is releasing a wonderful study Bible, the Reformation Heritage King James Study Bible. The biblical text is the KJV, and the study notes reflect the historical reformed tradition as they attempt to encompass robust biblical theology. The study Bible, despite what you may think at first, will be a […]

Not My Jesus!

I preached on Sunday and I was drawing a parallel between the time of the Judges and the church in post-Christian America. I made the comment that America at large is hostile to the Word of God, and for an experiment I offered this suggestion: Go home and put Leviticus 18:22 on Face Book and […]

The First Adam and the Last Adam

In my adult class on Sunday morning, we discussed the similarities and differences between Adam, who plunged the world into sin, and Jesus, the Last Adam who brought life into the world. It was enlightening and a joy to see the connections between these two federal heads. Our springboard for discussion was Paul writing to […]

The Will of God

I have had the honor and the privilege of working with a staff that enjoys to dig into the Word and see God. Sometimes, while we are digging and conversing about what we are reading, we are often baffled because our finite minds have a difficult time grasping the infinite God (Deuteronomy 29:29). One of […]

The Word is to Dwell

Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly… Be sure to check out these three helpful tips for Bible reading.

Stilling the Disciples

This rather lengthy post is a sermon I was to deliver during an evening service at a local church. The service was canceled because it was the beginning of some polar vortex over our country and it was chilly to say the least. I was excited to deliver the sermon and maybe I will some […]

A Smattering of Goodies

With the new year comes some new goodies, and if it is as cold where you are as it is where I am, then you will need some goodies to keep you comfortable. I have posted a couple of these already, but thought having them all in one location would be beneficial. Enjoy! Here is […]

No More Excuses

“I don’t have time to read the Bible…”you say in a whiny voice, “I can’t keep my New Year resolution, I’m too busy”. Well, here you go. Listen to it. No more excuses this year. It’s free, and it’s good. So, quit whining, here it is.

Choose Your Weapon

2014 is right there coming at you. For many of us Christians we look ahead to the new year with trepidation because of the moral revolution occurring in our country and in the world. But, God has called us not to fret over this, for He is sovereign and will see that what is best […]