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I Am Not Ashamed…Of This Sales Pitch

Coming this fall Reformation Heritage Books is releasing a wonderful study Bible, the Reformation Heritage King James Study Bible. The biblical text is the KJV, and the study notes reflect the historical reformed tradition as they attempt to encompass robust biblical theology. The study Bible, despite what you may think at first, will be a […]

He Gets It, And So Does She

I came across a letter John Piper wrote to a 13-year old girl about reading the Bible and how we can go ever deeper into the Word of God. I have copied the letter below, but if you prefer to read it from the Desiring God website you can click here. I hope that this […]

The Ten Words

Our pastor has just led us through the 10 Commandments (the Decalogue). He finished the sermon series yesterday and what a great journey! If you want to listen to his sermons click here. Our pastor has taught us, biblically, that the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20 are not forgotten and are not void. In fact, […]

Bible Reading

I have already mentioned before that a serious reader of the Bible ought to get a study Bible. I have a couple recommendations: the ESV Study Bible is massive, it has over 2750 pages. This is a serious study Bible that never leaves my desk because of its size. The notes are in-depth ranging from […]