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Before You Sin

Most Christians sin willingly. There are times when we sin out of ignorance, or through a slip of the mind. When you work twelve hours in a day and then come home to the craziness of family life, you may snap at them. It is sin, but it slipped. This is not an excuse, of […]

Cognitive Contamination

I have been thinking about how the process of ideas, the power of words, and the direction of our minds can go from A to B to C to dead. Sounds heady, but I assure you it’s not. In other words, I am suggesting contemplating how our beliefs slip and slide from a firm foundation […]

What is Most Important? Part 2

Before reading this post, I suggest reading my previous post by clicking here. This post concerns itself with three points. Three points as to why we need the Word of God. There will be two more follow up posts that will lay out the doctrines of inspiration and inerrancy. And then a fifth post that shows […]

Truth In A Skit

I was shown this skit today in class where we were discussing the process of recovery in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a good skit, serious and funny, and it is truthful. I hope you can relate to this (in fact, I am sure everyone will). You can go to their website and […]

Taming the Tongue

The issue of speaking is unavoidable. If God has graced you with vocal chords, you may speak whatever your mind creates. It is as though the mouth shows those around you what is really going on in your mind and heart. The Bible is bereft of passages concerning the tongue and its wild abandon, but […]