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Pyramid Of Blood Money

You need to see this, and you need to share the truth. Planned Parenthood is evil and entirely unnecessary.

Spurious Charity Helps No One

“Polemics, or controversy with other professed Christians, presents subjects which demand faithful and careful handling. The spurious charity, now so much talked of, which requires that we shall not assail error in our fellow-Christians, the indifference to truth so widely prevailing, which prates of the ‘good in everything,’ and urges that a man’s belief is […]

All Sufficient

This Lord’s Day I am preaching on Bible reading, namely, its necessity. I am tempted to quote Article 7 from the Belgic Confession and sit down. Article 7: The Sufficiency of Scripture We believe that this Holy Scripture contains the will of God completely and that everything one must believe to be saved is sufficiently taught […]

So Good

This is one of my favorite videos from Lutheran Satire, enjoy.

God Is Truth, And Your Mouth Is A Pit Of Lies

“Where there is no regard for truth, when men can subscribe to oaths and vows with no intention of abiding by their terms, then social anarchy and degeneration ensue. Where there is no fear of God, then the sanctity of oaths and vows disappears, and men shift the foundations of society from the truth to […]

Cognitive Contamination

I have been thinking about how the process of ideas, the power of words, and the direction of our minds can go from A to B to C to dead. Sounds heady, but I assure you it’s not. In other words, I am suggesting contemplating how our beliefs slip and slide from a firm foundation […]


When we look at the pit we are in we often forget the blazing firebrand God has given into our wavering hands and commanded us to wield. A Christian does not need to squint his eyes to see the coming tsunami of moral corruption for the waters on the shore have already shifted. A nation […]

Be Humbled.

If you need to, listen daily.

What If I Don’t Like It?

Have you ever sat in a church service on a Sunday morning expecting to hear the Word of God expounded to you in all the vigor and clarity in the manner of Charles Spurgeon, or Martyn Lloyd-Jones, John Stott, or John Piper, or Sinclair Ferguson, or Matt Chandler, or Kevin DeYoung, or (one of my […]

Kill The Bunny Because The Serpent Is Already Defeated

Satan has slithered in to Easter and the majority of Christians have lost the meaning of the empty tomb. This is how I ended my previous blog post. This follow-up post will continue in the same vein, but with a different purpose. Rather than continuing to tear down what secular Easter has built up in […]