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Take ‘Em To School!

Here is another advertisement for a good man doing good work, oh how beautiful are his feet! Keith Darrell is a traveling evangelist preaching at university campuses all over America. I have written him up once before here, and now I am doing so again to encourage you to subscribe to his YouTube channel. Keith […]

Masculine Corrective

Not only can Matt Chandler direct air traffic from the ground, he can also preach.

The Battle Of Worldviews Isn’t

There is sanity and insanity, rationality and irrationality, faith and unbelief, life and death. The battle of worldviews, Christ and um…everything else, is not a battle. All the other side can do is steal what isn’t theirs. Even atheists assume a Christian worldview to establish their views against the God who made them. As one […]

Psalms As Song…For Real

When you think about it, we all know that the Psalms are songs, but for some reason the church (Protestant Evangelical) has decided in recent history not to sing them, which is a historical oddity, and a tragedy. Well, here is The Corner Room, and they have produced an album of the Psalms, not paraphrases […]

Isn’t That Swimming The Tiber? And You Look Dorky

I have adopted a practice, recently, that is quite odd to many modern Protestants. So, I would like to take a minute and explain my self. I have begun to wear a clerical collar, hence the title of this blog. Isn’t wearing a collar a priest thing? Are you going Roman Catholic? No, and no. […]

The Task Of Christians Is To Kill

When we Christians look at the state of our nation, and the church that is complicit in the grievous moral failings of our leaders, we have to remember that we are at war. The world is divided. In Christ or out of Christ. In the Light or in the darkness. In the old humanity or […]

Pyramid Of Blood Money

You need to see this, and you need to share the truth. Planned Parenthood is evil and entirely unnecessary.

All Covered In Blood

Watch this video, One of the best things that we can do as Christians is to get the wicked to defend their wickedness. Show the supporters of Planned Barrenhood this video and ask them to defend the organization. The best offense for Christians right now is offense. So, get to work. As you get to […]

Go Make Some Trouble

“There is no guilt for being in the right kind of fight.”

Monday Music

The Brilliance works through some of the names of God in their song Yahweh. Enjoy.