Preaching through Luke I am continually reminded of how God works in history. He does not usually grab those in high positions to bring about change, but more often He takes the humble nobodies to shift history for His glory. For example, when Christ was born the Father did not send the Heavenly Host to […]

Zachariah is a good man. Elizabeth is a good gal. They are altogether righteous and blameless in the commandments of God. Zachariah is a priest and Elizabeth is a descendant of Aaron, and they are covenantally faithful (Luke 1:5-6). If you knew them, you would say, “When I grow up, I want to be like […]

I’ve been preaching through Luke, and you can find those sermons here. And we came up to Zachariah’s song, which can be read here. This song is about the visiting mercy of God to bring peace and God brings this peace in two ways. The first way God brings peace is by visiting His people […]

Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, My lips shall praise You. Psalm 63:3 “Faith does not promise us length of days, riches, and honours (the Lord not having been pleased that any of these should be appointed us); but is contented with the assurance, that however poor we may be in regard to present […]

“We expect salvation from [Jesus]–not because he stands aloof from us, but because ingrafting us into his body he not only makes us partakers of all his benefits, but also of himself. Therefore, I thus retort the argument, If you look to yourself damnation is certain: but since Christ has been communicated to you with […]

So, I was listening to a podcast, from an apologist I greatly respect, and he and I differ on baptism. He is a Reformed Baptist, and I am just plain ol’ Reformed. He made a comment about Presbyterian baptism, which I am just going to label paedobaptism throughout the rest of this. He wished not […]

Advent means coming. We often think of Advent as the time a baby is born, meek and mild, and laying in a manger no crying He makes (yeah right!). We often think of cozy little hay beds and fluffy winged angels and shepherds with red cheeks. I wonder, did the cattle barn have Christmas lights? […]