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Attempt For Sermon Clarity

My sermon this past Lord’s Day was on Mark 3:13-35, and while I am certain there are things which I said that lack a level of sufficient clarity, for which I ask your pardon, but one particular point came through after the service. I am thankful for the push, because in my mind I was […]

Gentiles, Beasts, Joppa

There are two places in the Bible where the city of Joppa shows up, and in case you have forgotten, the Holy Spirit does not do anything on accident. So, why would God have Joppa show up only twice? What’s going on there? The two places that Joppa appears are in the book of Jonah […]

The Kingdom Come

I have continually compared what occurs in Acts 2, the outpouring of the Spirit giving languages to the disciples they did not know, to what occurs in Genesis 11, where everyone spoke in the same tongue and God confused their languages. I think this is a valid connection to make. God, through the Gospel of […]