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A Case For Mark 16:9-20

In most academic discussions the long-ending of Mark (Mark 16:9-20), as it is called, is rarely seen as a legitimate ending to the Gospel of Mark. I remember in seminary that this portion of Scripture was taken skeptically and many thought it should not be in the Bible. I was once skeptical as well. Having […]

Can Christians Lie?

Now, that title might seem a little cute. Of course, Christians are capable of lying, that is, they have the ability to lie. However, this is what I am getting at: is lying permitted by Christian ethics? Let me back up a couple steps. The other day I pressed the “scan” button on my car […]

Go Ahead, Make The Commitment

A new year means another attempt at choosing a Bible reading plan and sticking to it. There are good electronic ways to do this, like on your smart phone with the YouVersion Bible app. However, some of us like to be able to print the plan and mark off the days, because there is something […]

The Law and the Christian

I am continuing to teach on God and human sexuality on Sunday morning and we have been covering various topics. Coming up soon is the relation between God’s Law and the Christian. Many will say that the Law of God does not apply, and therefore its prohibition against homosexuals is no longer valid, after all […]

God Wrote A Book

Here, listen to Pastor Piper.

The Word of Life

There is nothing more important in the world than the Word of God, and there is nothing more vital for the life of the church than a correct view of the Word of God. The Word of God gives life (Psalm 119:25). The Word of God guards us from sin (Psalm 119:9-11). The Word of […]