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A Pile Of Hope

In the midst of cultural upheaval, presidential nonsensical political bickering, and the draconian Islamic State, we have hope. A Light that shines in the darkness, the coming of King who will never be removed from His throne. The forgiveness of sins for those overturning society, for lying political candidates and cronies, and yes, even for […]

The God Of Peace At War

A snippet of an Advent sermon concerning Genesis 3:15 and Romans 16:20. Mary, is the last of the barren women whose miracle Seed will save the world. Genesis 3:15. How does this fit in with what Paul says in Romans 16:20? Well, here are some questions: What would it take to defeat a dragon? What would […]

The Sun Is Up, And It Ain’t Going Down

A snippet of an Advent sermon concerning Malachi 3:18-4:6. This is good eschatology. What we see is the triumph of the Kingdom of God on earth. What we see is victory. Jesus is the Sun of Righteousness and He has come to do two things. The coming of the Lord is at once a blessing and […]

The Parousia of Christ

It is Advent season, which means the church reflects upon the coming of the Lord, the first coming, that is. This is a wonderful time of joy as the course of world history changed. The Great Expectation of history when the Eternal Word of God was born of a woman. This truth has universal ramifications. […]

Monday Music

Here is another reason why I am sending my children to New Saint Andrews. Enjoy