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Giving In Is Faithlessness 

Either God is right or He isn’t. If He is, and He is, then His Words are good and life-giving. If we say that the Word is not right, we are then saying that God is wrong. When the creature tells its Creator that He is wrong, we find ourselves right back in the Garden […]

Not My Jesus!

I preached on Sunday and I was drawing a parallel between the time of the Judges and the church in post-Christian America. I made the comment that America at large is hostile to the Word of God, and for an experiment I offered this suggestion: Go home and put Leviticus 18:22 on Face Book and […]

What is Most Important?

This question can be answered in many ways because it depends on the context of the asking. For a doctor, it may be knowledge and rest. For an accountant, it may be diligence and integrity. For an athlete, it may be precision and endurance. For a professor, it may be expertise and passion. You get the […]