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The Flaming Church

This Sunday is the celebration of Pentecost. Below is my sermon from last year on Acts 2:1-41. Pentecost takes place ten days after Christ’s Ascension into heaven. He ascended forty days after His resurrection and the Spirit came ten days after Christ’s ascension, on Pentecost. Throughout church history colors have been very important. For the […]

Many Sons To Glory

A snippet of an Advent sermon concerning Romans 9:25-26. The question is not: why would God save some and not others? The question is: why would God save any of us at all? When the boots are on the ground, after we understand this high theology, how does this play out? How does this work […]

The Sun Is Up, And It Ain’t Going Down

A snippet of an Advent sermon concerning Malachi 3:18-4:6. This is good eschatology. What we see is the triumph of the Kingdom of God on earth. What we see is victory. Jesus is the Sun of Righteousness and He has come to do two things. The coming of the Lord is at once a blessing and […]

The Parousia of Christ

It is Advent season, which means the church reflects upon the coming of the Lord, the first coming, that is. This is a wonderful time of joy as the course of world history changed. The Great Expectation of history when the Eternal Word of God was born of a woman. This truth has universal ramifications. […]

Attempt For Sermon Clarity

My sermon this past Lord’s Day was on Mark 3:13-35, and while I am certain there are things which I said that lack a level of sufficient clarity, for which I ask your pardon, but one particular point came through after the service. I am thankful for the push, because in my mind I was […]

Gravitate Sanguinem

I hope you enjoyed holy week. And I hope that you had plenty of time to contemplate the risen Lord and how the empty tomb changes everything. If you did not have the opportunity to listen to an Easter sermon, or maybe you did but it was horrible, I recommend you click here and listen […]

Free eBook

This book is John Piper’s autobiographical account of his journey through racism to redemption. He has posted it for free as a download in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. I highly recommend this book, and by all means, listen to his sermon linked on his page as well. Click here for the book.