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Why Have Corporate Confession?

A corporate act of confession on the Lord’s Day is, historically, a no-brainer. Back in the day when the body of Christ was understood as a body, not a conglomerate of individuals having an emotional moment, it was common place for Christians to kneel together and with a communal voice confess their sin together. Why? […]

Stouthearted Christians Needed

What happened to the Christianity that bleeds? It is interesting to note what Christians in history did because of what they believed. I remember back in a philosophy course when my atheist professor said, “Beliefs are action guiding.” I will never forget that. He was right. We see the truth of that statement all around […]

Many Sons To Glory

A snippet of an Advent sermon concerning Romans 9:25-26. The question is not: why would God save some and not others? The question is: why would God save any of us at all? When the boots are on the ground, after we understand this high theology, how does this play out? How does this work […]

Covenant Confession

One of the sins of God’s people is that of covenant presumption. First we presume the covenant, like the Pharisees, “We are sons of Abraham and have been slaves to no one.” We sometimes assume that just because we consider ourselves Christians, that the covenant is secure. There is also another form of covenant presumption. […]

Repentance Is Never Wrong

I thank God for the Ashley Madison hack. Right along with the Planned Barrenhood videos, this hack has exposed the dark heart of men and women and the reality that our sins are never committed in secret. Our sin will find us out. However, on this list of names from the Ashley Madison hack, I […]

The Liberal Death Camp Elite

My last post which roped together a video from the Center for Medical Progress and refutations of some pro-murder arguments garnered a little discussion in other areas of social media (for which I am grateful). From those discussions I received some more argumentation from supporters of Murder Inc. and without further delay, here are some […]

All Covered In Blood

Watch this video, One of the best things that we can do as Christians is to get the wicked to defend their wickedness. Show the supporters of Planned Barrenhood this video and ask them to defend the organization. The best offense for Christians right now is offense. So, get to work. As you get to […]

Do Not Love The World

In 1 John 2:15-17 we read that Christians are not to love the world. John is so emphatic in this exhortation that he uses the word “world” seven times to show the fullness of his emphasis. Do not love the world. John’s reasoning is that if anyone loves the world, then they do not love […]

Emperor of the Cosmos

Below is simply some ruminations on evangelism in a post-Christian culture. I am addressing and thinking about what evangelism is in 2015 only because of what it has become in the last few decades. Biblically, evangelism hasn’t changed, but practically, through man’s inventions and faithlessness, evangelism has been side-lined for the sake of attraction and […]