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Pyramid Of Blood Money

You need to see this, and you need to share the truth. Planned Parenthood is evil and entirely unnecessary.

The Law and the Christian

I am continuing to teach on God and human sexuality on Sunday morning and we have been covering various topics. Coming up soon is the relation between God’s Law and the Christian. Many will say that the Law of God does not apply, and therefore its prohibition against homosexuals is no longer valid, after all […]

Spurious Charity Helps No One

“Polemics, or controversy with other professed Christians, presents subjects which demand faithful and careful handling. The spurious charity, now so much talked of, which requires that we shall not assail error in our fellow-Christians, the indifference to truth so widely prevailing, which prates of the ‘good in everything,’ and urges that a man’s belief is […]

All Sufficient

This Lord’s Day I am preaching on Bible reading, namely, its necessity. I am tempted to quote Article 7 from the Belgic Confession and sit down. Article 7: The Sufficiency of Scripture We believe that this Holy Scripture contains the will of God completely and that everything one must believe to be saved is sufficiently taught […]

God Is Truth, And Your Mouth Is A Pit Of Lies

“Where there is no regard for truth, when men can subscribe to oaths and vows with no intention of abiding by their terms, then social anarchy and degeneration ensue. Where there is no fear of God, then the sanctity of oaths and vows disappears, and men shift the foundations of society from the truth to […]

A Christmas Fruitcake

So, let’s talk about Santa. He is a decent guy, but a little creepy. Aside from the creep-factor, let me explain some reasons why I don’t like the jolly fella, and some reasons why this rotund grandfather of the world doesn’t really matter. First, why I am not a fan. I am not a fan […]

Too Much to Bear

The other day I heard the oft quoted cliche, “God never gives you more than you can handle.” I think it is another one of those quips that is meant to bring comfort and solace, and this phrase may indeed bring just that, however if you have ever taking a sense of solace in this […]

Joy is the By-product

I have been reading A Call to Spiritual Reformation: Priorities from Paul and His Prayers by D.A. Carson, which is a wonderful analysis and critique into the manner in which we pray and what we most often pray for. I hope to post more things from Carson’s insights about our prayer life, but I came across […]

What is Most Important? Part 3

In my last post I gave three reasons why we need to read Scripture daily, and in this post I would like to show the reasons Christians can believe the Word of God to do what it says. Before I move on to discuss the inspiration of Scripture, I would like to promote two books […]