In my previous post I discussed that the squealing glee of a covenant infant is a weapon in the hands of God to destroy the powers of the enemy arrayed against Christ and His Kingdom. Psalm 8:2 shows us that covenant children are warriors in a battle. This may seem odd to many Christian parents […]

As the Planned Parenthood sting videos continue to come out and the internet fracas continues to boil (and rightly so), I can say that as I father, I have been thinking about my children differently. This is one of those “farther up and farther in” sorta deals. I love my children and praise God for […]

Do you know anyone who doesn’t know the Gospel? Have you ever wondered how to tell the Gospel to people? Maybe you are reading this and you don’t know the Gospel. Well, take a few minutes and watch this, then share it. Here is a simple definition of the Gospel: Jesus Christ came to live, […]

Here is a song to get your Monday moving, Jon Foreman’s, “Resurrect Me”

In my last post, here, I deduced that one of the reasons why the church is impotent today is faithlessness and I would like to extend my apologies to those who were rightly affronted by that, then I would like to recant the strength of that word choice just slightly. So, first, my sincere apologies. […]

I would like to offer a little perspective and hope on the church and the current cultural climate we live in by pulling out my Postmil card. So, here it goes. We are at holy war. Since Genesis 3, we are at war and we will remain at war until Christ comes back to defeat […]

When we gather ourselves together in the worship of the Lord, we are, by the power of the Holy Spirit and by our faith, lifted into the heavenlies before the throne of God. Every Lord’s Day, we are in heaven before God’s throne, and it is very important what we do there. We notice in […]


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