In most academic discussions the long-ending of Mark (Mark 16:9-20), as it is called, is rarely seen as a legitimate ending to the Gospel of Mark. I remember in seminary that this portion of Scripture was taken skeptically and many thought it should not be in the Bible. I was once skeptical as well. Having […]

Christians cannot vote for any Democratic candidate, or any candidate from any party, that supports the abortion of infants. Christians must steadfastly reject any candidate that wants to take taxpayer dollars to spill the blood of children. This is evil, and because abortion is such an evil,  Christians cannot vote for anyone who supports it. […]

I am poking at the church in the West when I ask that question (the church that I am firmly planted within). Why can the church seem to do very little against the rising tide of moral gobbledygook and murderous insanity? It seems that that mythic box of Pandora has been opened. You know, a […]

It’s national notebook day, and I am a notebook kind of guy, so here is a review of a great notebook cover. I usually carry one of these in my back pocket along with some notebooks in my backpack. The pocket notebook that I carry usually gets beat up fairly good, sometimes the covers even […]

There is sanity and insanity, rationality and irrationality, faith and unbelief, life and death. The battle of worldviews, Christ and um…everything else, is not a battle. All the other side can do is steal what isn’t theirs. Even atheists assume a Christian worldview to establish their views against the God who made them. As one […]

This Sunday is the celebration of Pentecost. Below is my sermon from last year on Acts 2:1-41. Pentecost takes place ten days after Christ’s Ascension into heaven. He ascended forty days after His resurrection and the Spirit came ten days after Christ’s ascension, on Pentecost. Throughout church history colors have been very important. For the […]

Now, that title might seem a little cute. Of course, Christians are capable of lying, that is, they have the ability to lie. However, this is what I am getting at: is lying permitted by Christian ethics? Let me back up a couple steps. The other day I pressed the “scan” button on my car […]


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