Today is the first day for the 40 Days for Life campaign here in Helena and last night we had the kickoff event at our church. I was asked to open with a word of prayer and perhaps this prayer will be helpful for those who do not know what to pray concerning the murder […]

I recently preached on Mark 7:24-27 and in this portion of Scripture there are two miracles. The first miracle Jesus casts a demon out of a little girl because of the faith of her mother. This is mind blowing all by itself, but then Jesus does something you would not have expected. Jesus has been […]

In my last post I made the audacious claim that Christians are required to obey the Law of God. Part of my argument was bolstered by James remark, “You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone” (James 2:24). Which many may claim contradicts other New Testament writers like Paul. […]

There is much to say about Christians and the Law of God, but the answer to the question is the same for everyone, not just Christians, namely, obey it. It’s quite simple actually. God is just and loving, and therefore the Law that flows from Him is just and loving (Mark 12:28-34). Man is depraved […]

What qualifies me to say anything about fat and happy marriages? Well, hopefully I have one. Perhaps our marriage is not “fat and happy” maybe we are on our way there and currently in the “chunky and cheery” category. Well, my wife and I have been married for five years now, six this May, look […]

I have been preaching through the Gospel According to Mark and it is truly amazing. I had always thought that Mark was kind of lame because it was short, terse, and it did not seem to have much internal cohesion. I always opted to read the longer Gospels as if they were better. After actually studying […]

I recently preached on Mark 5, which is a stunning chapter encapsulating in miniature the cosmic goal of Christ’s work in history. The last two episodes of Mark 5, Jesus healing a woman with a flow of blood and raising a little girl from the dead, are quite striking. I think that we often miss […]


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