Or The Alternative

To quote from Henry R. VanTil in his book The Calvinistic Concept of Culture,

“Man is a spiritual being, he is so constituted that he lives in covenantal relationship to the Creator. He was created in the image of God. As such, he is morally responsible for his actions and duty-bound to seek the good; he is also rationally able to comprehend the meaning of life and duty-bound to function in the realm of truth; he is a cultural creature, one who is able and is called to re-create, to re-produce, to form artistically and to mould creation to his will, duty-bound to function in the realm of power, to seek harmony and beauty and to have dominion over the earth. This magnificent creature is a replica, an analogue of the blessed Tri-unity who made him. Thus man as rational creature reflects the eternal Son, who is the Truth, Wisdom and the Revealer of God. As moral creature, functioning in the realm of the holy, man is a reflection of the Spirit of holiness and of sanctification, through whom all things are inspired and invigorated. And as cultural creature, man is an analogue to the Father, who is King forever, who created the world by his power. However, man functions in these various spheres in the unity of his office, as God’s representative. Thus man was placed in this created world to have dominion in the name of God, to bring to fruition and fulfillment this glorious cosmos, to rule over all for God’s sake. this was his office, his trust, his obligation. This office has three facets: prophet, priest and king, which can never function separately but only in unity and concert. For it is man as prophet who knows the truth and as priest who loves his God, who is called as king to subdue the universe and to have dominion over it.”

Or, we are descendants of primordial soup.


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